10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks – The Story of A Family

A Taj Story – Manish and Ipsuta Mody
10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks - The Story of a Family -Mumbai Attacks story family
A Taj Story

Manish Mody: It was our anniversary dinner at the Golden Dragon and we had reservations for the 3 of us for 8:15, that night. Me, my wife, Ipsuta and our daughter, Trisha.

We were a little late so they seated us at the Apollo Bar till they could give us a table. Ipsuta and I were enjoying our drinks, but Trisha was hungry so she returned to the restaurant. After resolving a billing problem, we caught up with her 15 minutes later.

We were just skimming through the starters menu when we heard a loud BANG!

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A Tribute to 10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks

3 Real Life Taj Stories
A Tribute to 10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks - 4 Real Life Taj Stories
The Taj 10 Years after the Mumbai Attacks of 2008

10 years ago, on the eve of 8 pm on Nov 26th a group of 10 gunmen from the Pakistani terrorist organization, Lashkar-E-Taiba, took an inflatable raft and sailed across the Arabian Sea to arrive in Colaba, Mumbai.

Their advent, which at first was considered inconsequential, ultimately led to 12 coordinated bombings and shootings across the city. A devastation that lasted 4 days and went down in history to be known as the ‘Mumbai Attacks of 2008’.

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Thoughts on Autumn

Thoughts on Autumn
A vase of wilted flowers by my bedside.

There’s a vase of wilted flowers by my bedside that I refuse to throw away. Outside my window, there’s a tree the colour of the setting sun; its leaves are hanging so loose like they’re about to fall. After a minute or so, a light breeze sweeps one of those leaves right past me. It takes a mid air twirl before gently falling to the ground.

A butterfly is fluttering around the potted plants; there’s a jingle in its flight, but its wings are mellow.

Autumn is at its prime; I say it out loud.

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A Slice of the Good Life – An Excerpt about Daily Choices

A slice of the the good - an excerpt of daily choices
How many times in a day, in a week or a month do you do things for pleasure?

I’m sitting in the NSCI library – one of my favorite places in the city. It is still early in the day, the library is so quiet and my chair is so comfortable. People around me are engrossed into their laptop screens.

My laptop too, is switched on, staring at the keyboard, I’m thinking ‘what should I write?’

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Everything I’ve Felt About Turning 24

Turning 24
Turning 24

I turned 24 on a Friday of the previous week, and for the weekend that followed it, I found myself celebrating with friends, feasting on basil dumplings, marveling at the deliciousness of my pizza, posing before my camera and laughing at every joke I heard.

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