An Ode To Humanity

In light of what happened in Manhattan,
A wound was struck deep with a carving fork,
Our minds are wild, but our hearts are sadden’
Starting with 26/11, now to New York.
Like a trail of blood for everyone to see,
A scary sight, from which we flee.

But let’s face it,
the Taj Oberoi attacks were deadly scary,
With 164 dead and 308 wounded,
It’s natural that it would make us wary.
But what happened to dear departed Kasab?
If he’s watching this,
Like salt in our wound, I see him rub.

Moving on, let’s talk about Paris,
Mass shootings and suicide bombings,
Like a bad dream, it comes back to harass.
Sure, responsibility was taken by the ISIL,
But in fear, I can still hear the victims yell.

If sleepless nights weren’t enough,
The Brussels bombings,
Made the tougher tough!
3 coordinated booms all around,
2 at the airport and 1 at the station,
Just the thought of it makes our heart pound.
Once again the ISIL was brought into sight,
With them around,
I don’t know how we’ll sleep at night.

Then comes the celebrations of the Bastille Day!
In a crowd of thousands,
A 19 tonne cargo truck made its way.
A blood bath it was, killing 86.
For people like Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel,
There is no fix.

If one of him was too much to handle,
Imagine the light he gave others,
With just a single candle!

With its glow, a new character was born,
For German civilians, though, their hearts were torn.
It happened one day,
On a train in Wurzburg, Germany
When a man pulled out an axe,
And hacked up many!
“Allahu Akbar!” he yelled and completed the deed,
On this one even God would agree,
It was a sinful act, indeed.

A few months later..
Ariana performed in Manchester,
A lovely concert, but
A perfect place for a new wound to fester.
Louder than her voice,
Was the bomb that detonated,
Killing 23, panic it instigated.

She redid the concert,
As a means of charity,
But to my mind,
It brought a sense of clarity.

Every time someone attacks,
We question,
“What was he thinking?”
But in reality,
The question is:
“Why is humanity sinking?”
Humans are the tools used,
To commit these heinous acts,
But it’s todays humanity,
That is twisting up,
Basic humane facts.

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  1. Wow, just WOW, I love the poetic effect . I can say this is your best work till now especially the last paragraph! Superb 👌🏼, keep it up!❤️

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