What 2017 Taught Me About Life

What 2017 taught me about life Another year gone, and although each year end marks the passage of time; for me it is marked as a box of lessons I’ve learned, labelled and sealed, pushed under my bed, for the years yet to come.

If I had to look back at 2017 and how it played out, I can easily say it was one of my tougher years.

Sure, I went through a short spell of unemployment, chemo for my lupus, the aftermath of the chemo and a debilitating bout of insomnia. But if there’s any consolation, that’s not how I’ll ever remember this year.

Because just as Leandra Medine – in A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement – says “…no state of existence lasts forever, if you could remember a version of yourself who you loved, she’s still there and sometimes recognizing that is enough. The real irony of joy is that you can’t actually know it, I mean really know it, until you’ve hit rock bottom.”

what 2017 taught me about lifeI haven’t entirely transitioned from the bottom to the top, but if I had to look back at 2017, I’ll most definitely remember it as the year I established myself as a freelance writer, started my blog, found inspiration and without any inhibitions – expressed it.

It’s the year that taught me to see beauty even in the harshest of times; it’s the year that taught me to realize joy, but most importantly, it’s the year that gave me perception.   what 2017 taught me about life

We can’t change what happens – the adversities, the hardships – but we can change how we see them, OR rather, see beyond them. And sometimes, just knowing where you’re headed – despite these obstacles – is more than enough to get you through.


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16 thoughts on “What 2017 Taught Me About Life”

  1. I admire the way you are brutally honest about the hardships you have faced and so frankly expressed it in this article. Proud of you 🙂

  2. I have not missed any of your blogs dear Rhea .I had not commented on them but was always highly impressed by your writing abilities.This latest one was just too touching and honest. Keep writing.God bless you.

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