A Tribute to 10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks

3 Real Life Taj Stories
A Tribute to 10 Years of the Mumbai Attacks - 4 Real Life Taj Stories
The Taj 10 Years after the Mumbai Attacks of 2008

10 years ago, on the eve of 8 pm on Nov 26th a group of 10 gunmen from the Pakistani terrorist organization, Lashkar-E-Taiba, took an inflatable raft and sailed across the Arabian Sea to arrive in Colaba, Mumbai.

Their advent, which at first was considered inconsequential, ultimately led to 12 coordinated bombings and shootings across the city. A devastation that lasted 4 days and went down in history to be known as the ‘Mumbai Attacks of 2008’.

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An Ode To Humanity

In light of what happened in Manhattan,
A wound was struck deep with a carving fork,
Our minds are wild, but our hearts are sadden’
Starting with 26/11, now to New York.
Like a trail of blood for everyone to see,
A scary sight, from which we flee.

But let’s face it,
the Taj Oberoi attacks were deadly scary,
With 164 dead and 308 wounded,
It’s natural that it would make us wary.
But what happened to dear departed Kasab?
If he’s watching this,
Like salt in our wound, I see him rub.

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The Beauty Behind Breaking Down

Berlin during WWII

When I first got Lupus, my father used to always tell me about the city of Berlin. Its rise to power, its inevitable fall and the place it has become today.

But it wasn’t until much later that I understood its historical significance and the relevance behind him telling me about it.

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