The Beauty Behind Breaking Down

Berlin during WWII

When I first got Lupus, my father used to always tell me about the city of Berlin. Its rise to power, its inevitable fall and the place it has become today.

But it wasn’t until much later that I understood its historical significance and the relevance behind him telling me about it.

As far as the history of Berlin went – as we all know – after the death of Paul von Hindenburg, by August 1934 Adolf Hitler rose as the unrefuted leader of Germany. As for Berlin? It emerged as the undefeated Nazi Capital.

Though barbaric in his reign, it was from this powerful city, that Hitler brought a lot of prosperity to his country. Not only did he end the economic instability caused by the Great Depression, but by the 1940’s he had conquered most of Europe.

Back in the day, no one had ever imagined, a city that was so victorious, would one day culminate into ruins.

And just like that, towards the end of WWII, with the combined bombings of the RAF, the USAAF, the French Air Force and the Red Air Force with British bombers dropping over 45,517 tons of bombs and the Americans, 23,000 tons – suffice to say, by 1945, Berlin was completely destroyed.

Sometimes when I think about my illness and everything I have endured, I remind myself about the internal wreckage Berlin had faced – the genocide, the destruction – till it became unrecognizable to its own people.

And that is when I truly see it: That there’s a beauty even behind breaking down and that is, it gives you a chance to rebuild yourself. 

Today not only has Berlin restored itself, but it also stands as one of the most advanced cities in the world.

And me? Whether it’s making references to historic cities, or the mist – I’m reminded that everyday I live, I am undoubtedly rebuilding myself.

Here are some images of Berlin, what it looked like at the end of the WWII, and how it has rebuilt itself.

THE REICHSTAG (Before & After)


Destroyed Reichstag


Restored Reichstag



Destroyed Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


Restored Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Picture Credits: Google Free to Use

To see more of Berlin’s restoration visit The Daily Mail.

48 thoughts on “The Beauty Behind Breaking Down”

  1. Beautifully illustrated through words that after a breakdown one rises from the ashes like a phoenix. It reflects the positive energy of your mind..

  2. Rhea,
    It is true that behind every breakdown there is a chance to resurrect ones life and I also believe that there is always great victory that is waiting after every setback or defeat. May God bless you with good health and happiness forever.
    Very thought provoking writing.

    1. Thank you so much, I really love this line ‘behind every breakdown there is a chance to resurrect ones life’. It reflects everything that I meant to say in this blog.

  3. Gaurang must be a proud father of a brave girl. My daughter Is suffering from Cancer. She fought it once. Is fighting again.

  4. Love how you’ve given that ” no matter what happens I see everyday like I am rebuilding my self ” Vibe! pretty awesome and pretty strong, just like you my warrior 😘 ❤️

  5. Good writing style . You are strong spirited and blessed with inspirational parents. May you shine in all your efforts in Life and God bless.

  6. Keep up this positive spirit Rhea.
    This is something that I have been telling you always and finally this comes from you through this post!

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