The Adventure Explorer Look


The adventure explorer look
Photo credit: Tanishtha
  1. Khaki Trench Coat: Promod | Buy similar Here
  2. Beige Faux Suede Bag: Promod | Buy similar Here (although I wouldn’t recommend real suede, in this case)
  3. Brown Faux Suede Buckled Wedges: Promod | Buy similar Here
  4. Brown Faux Suede Belt: Promod | Buy similar Here
  5. Black Inner Lace Slip: Promod
  6. Black Skirt: Zara


As a kid I thought I’d be an explorer, someone who roamed forests and lived out of tents and caves and ate wild berries while observing rare animal species, or discovering artefacts of ancient civilizations.

Practically, the female version of Indiana Jones. Or like Jane Goodall.

It all seemed like such an exciting adventure – interacting with animals, living life wild and free, all while making remarkable historic, anthropological or ecological contributions to earth and its natural history.

Back then obviously, I didn’t know the true adversities one faced living in the jungle or the years of research and preparation this kind of travel entailed.

But then I grew up and no surprise, I learned the truth.
Although, I knew this wasn’t the regular conventional career I could choose, the idea of being a travel explorer just never left.

So I did, what I do best – I read about those who did.

One such female explorer who inspired me the most was Gertrude Bell. Not just because her name tops both lists of famous women archaeologists and explorers, but also because despite being a woman during her time, she managed to accomplish a lot.

Born on July 14, 1868 in County Durham, England, Gertrude Bell is famously known as the ‘mother of Mesopotamian archaeology’. Besides this her many accomplishments include: establishing the Hashemite Dynasties in Jordan and Iraq with T.E. Lawrence, founding the Iraq Archaeological Museum in Baghdad, establishing The British School of Archaeology in Iraq and conducting a number of excavations in the Abbasid Palace of Ukhaidir, Iraq; Byzantine monuments in Syria, and Birbinkilise, Turkey. She was also a travel writer and political officer. She died on July 12th, 1926.

When I turned 14 and got interested in fashion, I read a quote by Rachel Roy: ‘In retrospect fashion is a reflection of what you feel inside, outside.’ Or something kin to that.

My translation: fashion should always be an expression of your personality; your interests, your ideas, your opinions no matter what is trending at any point in time. The clothes you wear, are just tools used to convey that.

Either it’s paying homage to Gertrude Bell, or simply exposing that adventure explorer tendency within me, is why I created this look.

21 thoughts on “The Adventure Explorer Look”

  1. Loved the outfit and enjoyed reading the story behind it.

    What an amazing writer you are Rhea.

    Keep writing keep sharing.

  2. Can’t get over this look Rhea, you’ve nailed it! And loved the inspiration behind it, so well written!
    Can’t wait to read your blog posts every Sunday, it’s a part of my Sunday routine now!
    Good job and big hug! <3

    1. Thank you so SO much!!!! Thank you for reading and making the time for it on Sundays! Really really appreciate it. But mostly, thank for clicking this picture and making this post possible!

  3. Fashion is expression of your personality and not the trend is the most unique thought, I had ever come across.
    Rhea you are looking great, may be everyone will start following your fashion statement.
    Keep Writing you are poised to be a great Writer, I believe … Best Wishes

  4. Looking great 😘…I could visualise Ur article ,travel with ur words ….well written …keep it up . Be blessed .

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