Ivory Mist’s Ultimate Guide of Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas gift ideas for women
Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

It’s December already.

While this time is usually marked by cheer and excitement – this year though, the collective sentiment of the world population is not leaning too freely towards celebratory. It’s not just the fear, but perhaps even the uncertainty.

I get it, because I feel it too.

But if there is one reason to revive the merriment within you – even for just a minute – it is to show your gratitude towards those who stood by you through these tough times. And what better way to show your appreciation than through a Christmas gift?

Divided over two blog posts – I’ve put together a guide for Christmas gift ideas; one for women and one for men.

As it says at the start – this post covers Christmas gift ideas for the more dominant species of humankind. So get ready to browse through some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for all the women in your life.

Rather than create one long and confusing post for different women (of different age points) – I created an all inclusive list which comprises of Christmas gift ideas for women on the whole. But more so – because younger or older or childlike – a gift can’t always be allotted based on age. Especially if you know that person intimately, and know what silly, fun or useful thing might make them happy.

Anyway, this list should help you with Christmas gift ideas for your mom, your sister, your best friend, your girlfriend, your wife or even your daughter. Or anyone else I may have left out – your aunt or grandma.

So here it goes.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

  1. Stress Relieving Bath & Body Gift Hamper

Bath and Body gift hamper as a Christmas gift idea for women.At the end of a hard day – after managing work-at-home, housework, cooking and more – there’s nothing more soothing than a warm bath-like-spa. Imagine those candles and sweet smelling bath oils – almost like a mini fantasy. I think this would make a great Christmas gift idea for any woman who has a pretty hectic life. This includes house-wives and especially stay-at-home moms.

  1. One Line A Day – 5 Year Gratitude Journal

One Line A Day Gratitude Journal for Christmas gift ideas for women.I don’t think people emphasize on this enough, but exercising gratitude is a very liberating thing. Not only does it encourage positive thought, but it can make you or anyone you love feel better even on a bad day. In my opinion it would be a great gift for literally anyone at any age.

Except maybe really small kids.

  1. Daily Planner + Organizer + Mood Tracker + Happiness Tracker

Daily Planner and happiness tracker - Christmas gift ideas for women.I think gifting a planner for just the daily planning and organizing is so cool. But given that this one can also track one’s emotional quotient is like an added bonus! Who wouldn’t love an all-in-one organizer?

  1. Soothing White Bedside Lamp 

Elegant white bedside lamp - Christmas gift ideas for women.I ordered this lamp back in September during some Big Day sale – because I wanted a simple white lamp. Every single person who’s been to my room since has asked about it – not to mention my own parents who continually conspire to steal it if ever I leave my room un-guarded. So I thought I’d add it in here. It’s simple and classy and elegant, but also very useful, especially if you know anyone who likes to read late into the night.

  1. Porcelain Coffee/Tea Travel Mug with Lid

Porcelain coffee travel mug with lid as Christmas gift idea for women.A great Christmas gift idea for anyone who loves coffee and who’s constantly on the go.

  1. Dream Decoder Cards

Dream decoder cards - Christmas gift ideas for her.If you know anyone who over-analyzes everything about life, like I do, then this is the perfect gift for them. Not only are the cards beautiful to look at, but it’ll give them something to keep their minds occupied every morning after a whole night of dreaming.

  1. Super Soothing and Super Comfy White Comforter

Soothing white comforter as Christmas gift idea for women.I have one of these – and nothing spells cozy like a big white soft quilted comforter. It not only makes your bed look more inviting, but I feel like it has a calming effect on the whole interior of my bedroom. Plus, it’s really light if you’re worried about the Bombay heat.

Also it goes really well with my Soothing White Bedside Lamp, mentioned early on in the list.

  1. Floral Recipe Box 

Floral Recipe box - Christmas gift ideas for mothers.Ever since I’ve been in the mountains, which is close to 9 months – I haven’t once missed eating in a restaurant. And that’s because my cool chef mom has placated my taste buds by cooking some of the most amazing food at home. Pizza, pasta, cakes, chocolates – you name it, she’s made it.

And that’s just my story – I’ve heard that millions of people during the lockdown have become master-chefs themselves. When someone truly puts in so much effort to give you the best of meals – the best way to reciprocate – besides showing appreciation – is to encourage. And what better way to encourage than by gifting them a special box to treasure those special recipes?

  1. 5-in-1 Awesome Craft Kit

5-in-1 art kit - Christmas gift ideas for daughters.My aunt once told me that nothing gets my baby sister more excited than letting her loose in a stationery store. Maybe it isn’t the safest option to take your kid to a store at a time like this, but what if you bring the store to her at home? Little girls love arts and crafts. Plus, it’ll keep them busy for a few days at an end.

  1. The World Box

World Box - Christmas gift ideas for daughters.For my 20th birthday, my mom and my aunt jointly bought me this cool handmade travel trunk from the Marry Me gift shop inside Candies in Bandra. I spent the next days after my birthday stuffing it with magazine cut-outs of beautiful cities, countries and islands that I one-day dreamed of traveling to. Over time, I also started storing souvenirs in it – little things and trinkets that my dad got me during his travels – as small reminders of how expansive and beautiful the world is.

Maybe this World Box can be a perfect Christmas gift for your daughter, baby sister (or son) as a sort of reassurance that though we’re in lockdown and life may be stagnant right now – the world is still out there – and one-day when things are better you’ll be able to see it again. And perhaps along the way, they can even learn something.

  1. Wooden Cake Stand with Glass Lid

Wooden cake stand with glass lid- Christmas gift ideas for food lovers.Besides being pretty as a cake stand to showcase your cool baking skills, I love how it can also double up as a showpiece for other things. Maybe dried flowers, a pinecone or an ancient scarab or something.

I think it’s a cool Christmas gift idea for women or girls who love to show off their creative talents.

  1. Bluetooth Compact Speakers

Bluetooth speakers - Christmas gift ideas for women.Sure it’s fun to listen to music on loud on your mobile phone – but what’s more fun? Listening to it even louder – especially during home work-outs. In short, besides having such a sleek appearance, these Bluetooth speakers make an ideal gift for anyone who loves fitness or loud music.

  1. Soft Unicorn Home-Slippers

Soft Unicorn home-slippers- gift ideas for girls.If we are going to stay at home for a while, might as well gift these Unicorn home-slippers to someone who needs to feel cheerful right? I mean, they are so cute!

  1. Green Ceramic Salad Bowl

Green ceramic salad bowl - Christmas gift ideas for women.I know during lock-down we’ve been through all the dieting phases: binge eating, Keto diet and now just healthy eating – and trust me there’s nothing more refreshing than a delicious home-made salad. So this beautiful rock green salad bowl would make a perfect gift for anyone who is really serious about their salad.

  1. Professional Sketching & Drawing Tool Kit

Sketching pencil set - Christmas gift ideas for girls.I remember when I was thirteen, my mom gifted me a set of charcoal pencils. Although I wasn’t much of an artist – I still remember the glee I felt about my exquisite set of pencils, and how enthusiastically I spent hours at an end sketching away in a quiet corner of my house.

I think this would make a really lovely gift for anyone who has an artistic side to them. But more so, for those who yet have to discover the artist within them.

So, that concludes it: my guide of Christmas gift ideas for women. I hope it helped in some way or the other – maybe not the gifts by themselves – but the sentiment behind the idea of gift giving and the thought behind every one of those gifts. As thoughtful gifts should be.

However, last but not least, if you don’t feel like buying Christmas presents this year, that’s okay too. We are lucky, we are privileged – we have more than enough. But there are many who don’t. There are many who still struggle for the basic needs of life like clean water, a single hot meal and sometimes even a warm blanket during colder months.

In fact they’re more in need of life’s basic needs, than anyone we know. So, in stead of buying anything from the list above, if you’d like to play Santa for those who really need it – listed below are few places where you can donate:

  1. Habitat for Humanity India
  2. GiveIndia
  3. India Partners

Find what resonates with you – and like every other gift you’ve given – feel the joy of making yet another life a little happier.

Merry Christmas in advance!

As mentioned above, to find the list of Christmas Gifts for men, visit this post: 15 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Men.  To find something perfect for your favorite man.

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  1. Wonderful suggestions, making it easy for many who can’t decide on what to gift during these tough times. Beautifully written too…

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