15 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts for men
15 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Men.

Jesus! Christmas is literally 4 days away! If you count Christmas eve, then 3 days.

How did time fly?

In any case, if you’re freaking over the fact that you haven’t bought the perfect Christmas gift for your man yet – and worst still don’t know what to get – then this list of 15 last minute Christmas gifts for men should help you find something.

Shopping for men is so hard, especially if the man in question is impossibly choosy. So, to save time, I took gift suggestions from actual men about what they’d really like at any age as a Christmas gift and drew up this list.

If it helps at all, through this list of Christmas gift ideas you should be able to find something for every man of any age in your life. That is, this list will help you with Christmas gifts for your dad, your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, your best friend or even your son.

Christmas Gifts FOR MEN

  1. Docking Station

Docking Station as a Christmas gift for men.If there’s anything I’ve learnt observing men is that they love to keep their stuff close to them. Be it their wallet, watch, cell phone or more. And what better way to encourage that than by gifting them a sleek and smart docking station that accommodates everything dear to them?

It would make a wonderful gift for a boyfriend or husband or even a dad.

  1. Fitness Band

Fitness band as a Christmas gift for men.My dad has one of these, and while he’s not really into fitness – I still see the glee on his face every time he looks at the number of steps he’s taken in a day or how many calories he’s consumed. So, I guess this would be a really nice Christmas gift for all kinds of guys: those who aren’t into fitness – just to make them happy but specially for those who are into fitness for its actual utility value.

  1. Telescope & Stand

Telescope with a stand as a Christmas gift idea for men.Ewww no! It’s not to encourage him to spy on neighbors – rather to observe the sky or watch the birds. If not that then this doubles up as such a wonderful showpiece.

It makes men look so sincere.

  1. Men’s Travel Toiletry Pouch

Men's PU leather brown travel toiletry pouch as. Christmas gift.I think this Christmas gift would be a great way of saying ‘someday you’re going to travel again’ but also subtly saying ‘also it’ll keep you organized!’. It would be so perfect to gift to a boyfriend or a husband.

  1. Bluetooth Large Over-the-head Headphones

Bluetooth large over the head headphones as a Christmas gift for boyfriends.Who wouldn’t appreciate such a sleek design combined with great sound quality and Bluetooth! Moreover, for some reason guys always prefer these large over-the-ear headsets. I think it not just because they look cool but also they emit that whole DND vibe.

Ultimately, I feel these headphones would make a really thoughtful Christmas present for any guy who is musically inclined but also likes his space and alone-time.

  1. Large Mechanix Set

Large mechanix set as a Christmas gift for your son.When I was little my dad bought me one of these Mechanix sets and I can’t even begin to tell you how many Sunday afternoons we’ve spent building bridges and cranes together. Its a great way to bond with a child or even a parent – especially while doing something stimulating and engaging together.

I think this would make a great Christmas gift for a son, nephew or even a dad!

  1. Macro Lens for Mobile Phone

Macro lens for mobiles as a Christmas gift for photographers.It isn’t technically a gadget, but still this Macro lens adds a good accentuating element to an existing gadget like a smart phone. And who doesn’t have a smart phone? Moreover, almost every second person is a photographer these days – so I’m sure anyone would really like this as a Christmas gift.

  1. Nat Geo Slime & Putty Lab Kit

Nat Geo's Slime and silly putty kit as a Christmas gift for science lovers.Because who doesn’t like slime and Silly Putty? This would be an idea Christmas gift for your son or nephew – especially if they are below 10 years and enjoy experiments and making things.

  1. Mi Fast Charging Power Bank

Power bank as. Christmas gift for boys.A great Christmas gift for anyone who uses their phone a lot and is constantly on the go.

  1. Educational & Decorative Antique Globe

Antique Style snow globe as a Christmas gift for men.Not only is it great for its educational value, with with its vintage-y look, it would also double up as a great addition to a rustic style room. It would be a great Christmas gift for your son, or even your dad.

  1. Traditional Style Men’s PU Leather Wallet 

Brown PU Leather wallet as a Christmas gift for dads.Oldie but goldie, because there’s nothing like gifting something traditional like a good and sturdy wallet. Plus, it’s PU leather, so no harm to any animals. I think this would make a great Christmas gift for a dad or even a granddad.

  1. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership as a Christmas gift for men.Oh won’t they love this? Plus, it’s a great way to keep them busy! It’s a great gift for any guy at any age. Except very small boys who shouldn’t be allowed so much screen time in the first place.

  1. Gadget Organizer

Gadget organizer as a Christmas gift for men.For all gadget loving men – which is basically all men – a place where they can keep all their beloved gadgets together.

  1. Dart Board

Dartboard as a Christmas gift for your college boyfriend.A fun and playful gift – because who doesn’t like throwing darts? I think this would make a cool Christmas gift for a boyfriend.

  1. Stainless Steel Black Gym Water Bottle

Stainless Steel water bottle as a Christmas gift for fitness lovers.This stainless steel water bottle is great for keeping water at the temperature you want, that is cold during the summer heat and warm during winter nights. Moreover, due to its sleek design and light weight your fitness obsessed boyfriend would love to show it off in the gym or take it wherever he goes, like on a hike in the Himalayas.

So that sums it it up: 15 last minute Christmas gifts for men.

Perhaps, these gift ideas aren’t as interesting as those for women, but still I hope in some way or the other it helps.

Merry Christmas in advance!

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for women, hop onto my other post: Ivory Mist’s Ultimate Guide of Christmas Gift Ideas for Women – which should help you find something for any woman at any age!

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