The Chanel Fashion Show Taught Me What Fashion Is Really About

The Chanel Fashion Show - Pre-Fall Collection 2021
Chanel Fashion Show – The ‘Le Château des Dames’ 2020/21 Métiers d’art Show

Sitting in the cosy confines of my bed, for the first time today I watched a Chanel Fashion Show. The ‘Le Château des Dames’ 2020/21 Métiers d’art Show to be precise.

It’s an annual show they do as a tribute to the small artisans and specialist workshops Chanel started to buy since 1984 – as a way to preserve the fine craftsmanship of French luxury.

Better still, to me and to you known as the Pre-Fall 2020/21 fashion show.

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Seeing the Unseen Beauty of Monsoon

The raw beauty of monsoon as seen through this black and white picture of A black and white picture of Bombay's rain soaked city skyline.
The beauty of Monsoon as seen through this cloudy skyline of Bombay city.

Come monsoon – every year while city dwellers wait in rapt impatience for the rains to dissipate the summer heat and farmers wait in fertile lands for a richer crop – I alone, wait in silent prayer for autumn’s dryness to disperse monsoon’s dampness.

Against popular opinion – I hate the rains.  I know everyone else has a different perception about the rainy season; one that is equated to the romanticized beauty of monsoon: lush greenery, stormy skies, occasional cloud bursts, precipitated mists, blowing winds etc. But the monsoon I see is a far cry from any of that.

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Monsoon Book Recommendations: 5 Books to Read During the Rains

An open book on the bed for monsoon book recommendations.Much like the ground squirrel of the American mid-west who – during the colder months – embarks on a sleep of a lifetime; come monsoon I prepare for a similar trajectory. Only instead of regulating my blood concentration and stacking up bodily glucose elsewhere as my pre-hibernation ritual, I start stacking up on my book reading recommendations.

Because honestly there is no other time in the whole year when I yearn for good books to read, like I do during the rains.

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The Other Side of Positivity and Productivity During a Pandemic

As Told To Us by a Mental Health Professional 
positivity and productivity during a pandemic

When the lockdown period began, I noticed that social media was flooded with posts about ‘staying positive’ and ‘being productive’ while staying at home. From a word here, to a post there – before I knew it – this concept of ‘positivity and productivity during a pandemic‘ snowballed into entire pages, campaigns and challenges! It spread through Instagram and Facebook like wildfire.

When I saw this, my first thought was: sure, this approach could lead to a temporary spike in motivation and optimism, but in other words – it could also be a distraction from allowing us to completely acknowledge and process how immensely challenging this period truly is. And on the days that we potentially struggle to cope with these ‘socially acceptable’ methods, we can end up feeling either guilt or shame – if not both.

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The Levitating Boy

What Levitation Means in the Real World

A boy levitating in mid-air. Levitation.
The Act of Levitation


  1. the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

The boy in the picture, undoubtedly, in an act of levitation, hovers in mid air as he makes a clear demarcation between the mystical fog above and the soft precipitated grass below.

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