Everything About the Jupiter and Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’ of 2020

An image of the solar system showing the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.
Tune in on Dec 21st, to watch the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction like the rest of the world.

A lot of things have transpired this year. Some good, but many not so good. But as the year draws to a close something spectacular, if not magical is going to happen on the longest night of 2020.

So be ready to watch the night sky light up as the two of the largest planets in our solar system: Jupiter and Saturn unite after 800 years!

As I am neither a seasoned stargazer nor an amateur astronomer – I had a lot of questions about this rare and magnificent celestial phenomenon. So, divided into different questions, I’ve simplified everything you need to know about the Jupiter and Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’ of 2020. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction star.

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The Golden Globes Red Carpet was a Melting Pot of all the 2019 Style Trends

On the evening of Jan 5th, a slew of Hollywood celebrities walked down the red carpet of The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles for one of the most anticipated nights of 2020: the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

From its inception in 1944 the Golden Globes aimed to honor the best entertainers in the film industry for their achievements in various aspects of filmmaking. And as the years passed, the Golden Globes not only expanded its recognition, but it also became a platform for celebrities to demonstrate their opinions on various political, environmental or global issues from around the world.

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For Me, 2020 is a Year of Gratitude

For Me, 2020 is the Year of GratitudeAt the end of 2017, I wrote an article about what that year taught me about life.  A little over two years now – in the wake of a  new decade – here I am, reminding myself of, and implementing those lessons, through a year of gratitude.

The beginning of 2019 was very different from the beginning of 2020; for one, back then, the new year’s messages poured in till almost the 10th. This year, its been barely few days in, and I can already see that the messages and merriment has phased out.

A small part of me believes it’s because people have matured and moved on from the hysteria of overplaying it. But a more dominant part of me believes, it’s because of a universal decline in enthusiasm. I can’t speak on the behalf of the entire world population – but as I see it, and as Joan Didion once said ‘the world as I had understood it, no longer existed.’

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