City Lights – A Story of Belonging & Reassurance

City lights on the opposite mountain.

I’ve always been a solitary person. Happy in my own company.

Even when I was in the city, when my girlfriends went out on Friday nights, I’d choose to stay home. On those nights alone, I’d spend hours staring out of my bedroom window looking at city lights. Millions of those colorful dots that lit up the whole world. Vertically on buildings, on hoardings, as street lights and in thousands on cars that drove from under me in a golden blur.

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The Levitating Boy

What Levitation Means in the Real World

A boy levitating in mid-air. Levitation.
The Act of Levitation


  1. the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

The boy in the picture, undoubtedly, in an act of levitation, hovers in mid air as he makes a clear demarcation between the mystical fog above and the soft precipitated grass below.

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