The Levitating Boy

What Levitation Means in the Real World

A boy levitating in mid-air. Levitation.
The Act of Levitation


  1. the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

The boy in the picture, undoubtedly, in an act of levitation, hovers in mid air as he makes a clear demarcation between the mystical fog above and the soft precipitated grass below.

But on an alternate level though, if perceived closely, the boy in question poses as an emblem that bisects the 2 polarizing facets of life: one which is the airy space symbolic of dreams and the other, which is reality symbolized by the ground.

The 2 opposing elements that ironically build the very foundation of existence.

What is life without dreams? What are dreams if you can’t apply them to reality?

And yet somehow: Realists can never be dreamers. And, dreamers can never be rational.

But is it such a crime to wish that someday dreams and reality can co-exist? To be able to build a life where dreams are revered whilst having your feet firmly rooted to the ground?

In an act of levitation an object – or in this case – the boy remains suspended in mid air through the means of a magical force. Perhaps the magic isn’t about just hoisting yourself up in mid-air, rather it is to strike a balance that enables you to remain that way.

Maybe, in the real world that’s what levitation really is; not a magical phenomenon, but simply the ability to find a balance between your deepest desires and its closet possibilities. And sometimes when you find it, that is truly the real magic.

Inspired by the photo clicked by Devansh Mathur.

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